The Choice is Clear.

6_Ways_to_Negotiate_a_Smarter_Parent.focus-none.originalECNO has the Experience, with over 20 years

  • in servicing school board IT needs
  • in partnering with major IT vendors
  • in co-operation with the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training

ECNO has the Strength, the largest single supplier of School Board Administrative Systems in Ontario

  • 89% of all Ontario district school boards are ECNO members
  • over 85,000 school board employees are paid using ECNO’s payroll system
  • over $5 Billion of school board finances are managed using ECNO’s finance system

ECNO has the Products and Services, applications/software suites encompassing all major areas of School Board administration

  • all applications developed by and for School Boards
  • all applications compliant with statutory requirements
  • ECNO has the Direction, a revitalized organization with a new mandate

New IT Standards

  • An emphasis on Delivery of Services to the Classroom
  • The Voice for Educational IT in Ontario

ECNO extends an Open Invitation, all district school boards can benefit from ECNO membership

  • cooperative information technology purchasing programs
  • comprehensive and cost effective products and services
  • large user community of expertise, knowledge and experience