Mission Statement, Vision and Beliefs


Serving Ontario school boards as a non-profit information technology (IT) cooperative, ECNO promotes best practices and provides cost-effective IT solutions for its members. To those members, ECNO provides an array of IT products and services, a forum for information sharing and networking, a mechanism for collective negotiations, the purchasing of products and services, purchasing, and an effective voice for communication with government, education-related organizations and vendors.


ECNO will provide all school boards with a suite of outstanding, cost-effective software solutions, services, and strategies will meet member school boards needs while supporting the ultimate goal of student achievement. It will provide valuable professional learning and networking opportunities for school board staff. ECNO will be recognized by and work with the Ministry of Education and education-related organizations for its expertise in the use, needs and future directions to support the 21st century learning environment.

Values and Beliefs

ECNO is a member-driven cooperative that values

  1. Sharing of information and expertise within ECNO boards to enhance Information Technology expertise and resources for all boards
  2. Community and collaboration among school board staff in varied roles
  3. Ongoing professional learning for opportunities for school board staff
  4. Collective purchasing processes and practices that are fully compliant with provincial standards and result in the cost-effective acquisition of high quality products and services required by all school boards
  5. Foster relationships with government, education-related organizations and vendors in the pursuit of excellent information technology products and services