K212 Human Resources and Payroll Product Advisory Committee (PAC)

On behalf of those ECNO boards using the K212 HR/Payroll System the PAC addresses the following:

  • Application Requirements
  • New features and modules
  • Review, prioritize and approve enhancements
  • Review, prioritize and approve change requests
  • Survey and consult with the K212 user committee
  • Obtain consensus for planned changes
  • Establish priorities
  • Review related products or proposals
  • Host User Group meetings
  • Establish focus groups or sub-committees when required

The K212 HR/Payroll PAC is made up of school Board representatives that represent all areas of the application. The committee includes:

  • 1 Senior HR Manager
  • 1 Senior Payroll Manager
  • 2 HR Supervisors
  • 2 Payroll Supervisors
  • 1 Superintendent with HR and/or Payroll responsibilities
  • 1 IT Manager
  • 1 Senior IT Technical Individual responsible for supporting and maintaining K212 HR/Payroll
  • 1 EAC Liaison (non-voting)
  • 1 K212 HR/Payroll Project Manager (non-voting)
  • 1 Director of Customer Solutions (non-voting)

Please contact the Chairperson of the K212 HR/Payroll PAC should you require additional information or to learn how you can get involved.

NamePositionSchool Board
Patti NickelChairDistrict School Board of Niagara