K212 Suite

K212 Finance

The K212 Financial Application is a robust Web-enabled Financial System that meets all requirements of the business processes of an Ontario school board.

The K212 Financial Application’s core functionality includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Budget, and General Ledger.

In addition, the system has full encumbrance accounting of pre-commitments, commitments, expenditures, budget and remaining budget.

The K212 Financial Application offers real-time reporting and data access capabilities through the use of Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.

The K212 Financial Application has email capabilities integrated for communication in and out of the product with staff and vendors on Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Payments and A/R Invoices.


K212 HR – Payroll 

The K212 HR Payroll application manages all of the complex administrative requirements of the Human Resources and Payroll Management processes in an Ontario school board and it was developed specifically by and for Ontario School Boards.

The application supports multiple collective agreements; salaried, hourly and daily paid employees; unlimited pay calendars; and multiple positions/job assignments for a single employee. K212 HR Payroll is a scalable application with School Board implementations ranging from 300 to 10,000 employees.

In addition to HR and Payroll, the K212 HR Payroll application includes Contract Negotiations, Employee Appraisals and an Employee Self-service WEB Portal.

The Employee Self Service portal provides employees with anywhere, anytime access to information and specific HR services that include the ability to view and maintain specific employee data; on-line pay remittance stubs; on-line access to vacation and sick bank balances; remote entry of employee absences, vacations and time sheets; and on-line entry of criminal offence declarations.


For more information please contact:

Sandra Quehl
Executive Director
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Wayne Toms
Director of Customer Solutions
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Vice President
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