Connected to Board Success

The Education Collaborative Network of Ontario (known to our members as ECNO) is proud to play an important role in the Ontario education system. Our strength comes from our members: Ontario’s 72 school boards and a growing list of Indigenous education authorities. They all understand the value in having a collaborative, open and forward-thinking collective interested in maximizing the impact of IT in 21st century education and administration.

We believe that ECNO is a platform for great things to happen. Rather than solving the same problem 72 different ways, we want to build leaders, systems and attitudes that let our members collaboratively find and execute effective IT solutions.

Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Plan 

Our Vision

The world we want to see:

Digital solutions that empower student success through efficient, equitable, innovative, and safe education experiences.

On a Mission

How we will achieve the vision:

Expert leadership for Ontario’s K-12 community through partnerships, best-practices, cost-efficient solutions, and agile responses to emerging needs.

We Value

How we act:

§  Integrity
§  Student-centred
§  Inclusion and accessibility
§  Equity and diversity
§  Collaboration and partnership
§  Advocacy and mobilization
§  Forward-thinking

Our History 

As one of the most successful co-operative ventures in the history of Education in Ontario, ECNO is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

The Educational & Computing Network of Ontario began as joint initiative between the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training and Ontario’s school boards in the early 1980’s. Together, ECNO and the Ministry developed and managed a significant suite of software assets that focused on school board HR and finance needs. Over a period of 15 years, this partnership built a strong and successful co-operative Information Technology program involving a group of Ontario boards. In 1996, prompted by a decision by the Ministry to close the branch that supported the organization, ECNO was encouraged to become a non for profit that is owned by its member boards. With a renewed vote of confidence from the membership, the cooperative secured control of all software assets and began to expand on the services through new strategic alliances and partnerships with the Private Sector.

After a competitive proposal process, the contract to provide technical support services to ECNO was awarded to SRB International, an Ontario based firm, with experience in providing administrative software and services to education. As a direct result of this partnership, all essential ECNO products and services were transitioned to the new ECNO, with virtually no interruption of service to the members. A new, strong and viable support organization was established for maintaining the ECNO products and services. ECNO products became the standard for board administration needs. In the mid-2000’s nearly half of all teachers in the province were paid through ECNO software. 

In 2019 ECNO sold our K212 suite of products to our colleagues at edsembli. You can learn more about that sale at our Opportunity 2019 page.

Today, ECNO is a tried-and-true partnership of educators, administrators and private Information Technology resources. ECNO’s commitment to the ideals of co-operative enterprise and enabling equitable access to products and services for all Board members continues. Guided by our new strategic plan we are developing new products and services focused on ways we can help our members work faster and more efficiently. 

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