It is exciting to see the impact that technology is having across K-12 education and on the future of fundamental learning.

We’re proud of our role in education technology innovation and recognize and appreciate the invaluable efforts our volunteers contribute to the work that we do. We’re pleased to acknowledge and celebrate our volunteers through ECNO awards.

The nominees for our awards showcase leadership, expertise, and dedication in their work, and demonstrate how technology can have a positive effect on education technology. These awards are presented, when appropriate, at the Annual ECNO Conference.

Dan Cousineau Award

Dan Cousineau played a key role in directing computer technology in Ontario school Boards. Those who crossed paths with Dan respected his abilities as a visionary and leader. Those who didn’t know Dan saw the impact of the mark he made in technology in school Boards.

Brent McDonald is awarded the Dan Cousineau award, pictured with Executive Director, Wayne Toms, at the 2024 annual ECNO Conference

The ECNO Community named the award after Dan to recognize members that exhibit his qualities and dedication to furthering education in Ontario. The 2024 recipient was Brent McDonald, from Upper Grand District SB, who provides dedicated leadership as an ECNO volunteer and previous Board member. Congratulations, Brent!

Past Dan Cousineau Award Recipients

2001 – Frank Mastronardi & Sheila Rennick
2002 – Rick Hughes
2004 – Rick Gelinas & Kari Packalen
2005 – Wayne Toms
2006 – Adrienne Lemieux
2007 – Christine Downey
2008 – Sandra Quehl
2010 – Sheila Kalapacz
2011 – Frank Mastronardi
2012 – Cathy McCabe
2013 – Del Schmucker
2014 – Mike Kirby
2015 – Greg Elliott
2016 – Ron Plaizier
2017 – Steve Young
2018 – James Proulx
2019 – Francis Mailloux
2022 – Jerry Lu & John McCormick
2023 – Chris Dale

Sandra Quehl Award

To many of the women leaders in K-12 IT in Ontario, Sandra was a mentor and role model. She lived a life and shared the virtues of equity, diversity, and the role of women in leadership. The ECNO Community named the award after Sandra to recognize outstanding female Leadership in K-12 IT in Ontario.

Carolyn Glaser is awarded the second Sandra Quehl award, pictured with Executive Director, Wayne Toms, at the 2024 annual ECNO Conference.

Sandra Quehl enjoyed a 30+ year career in IT leadership in K-12 school Boards in Ontario. Following a successful start to her career as a developer of HR / Payroll software with Molnar Software, Sandra’s first school Board position was with the York Catholic DSB, and she finished her career as CIO at the Waterloo Catholic DSB. Upon retirement, Sandra worked for ECNO as the Director of Customer Solutions for a year, then was appointed Executive Director in September 2016, retiring from ECNO in September 2019.

The second winner, announced at the 2024 conference, was Carolyn Glaser, General Manager of Information Technology at Thames Valley DSB and longtime ECNO volunteer and dedicated Board member. Carolyn brings a friendly, focused, and insightful perspective to complex discussions, and her contribution is invaluable, and we congratulate her on receiving this honour!

Past Sandra Quehl Award Recipients

2023 – Paulla Bennett