Our Value

Technology is powering education now more than ever.

Various students working on laptops in a classroom setting sitting beside one another.

Students, families, teachers and school board administrators have long depended on proven technology solutions to set the stage for the best possible learning experiences. This is true today more than ever before.

The Education Collaborative Network of Ontario (ECNO for short) is proud and fortunate to play an important role in the education system by providing information technology leadership for Ontario’s K-12 educators to empower student success while enabling school board efficiencies and savings.

This essential work was never more urgent than during the COVID-19 pandemic. IT professionals and ECNO provided leadership and support for our members every step of the way.

As we embrace more change in how we teach, learn and communicate, there will be critical need for innovative IT leadership that empowers student success while ensuring privacy and safety. Equally important will be a focus on efficiency and savings in school board operations across Ontario.

We believe that ECNO is a platform for great things to happen. Rather than solving the same problem 75 different ways, we will build leaders, systems, and attitudes that allow our members and partners to collaboratively find and execute effective IT solutions for tomorrow’s leaders.

Our strength comes from our members: all of Ontario’s school boards and a growing list of Indigenous education authorities. They all understand the value in having a collaborative, open and forward-thinking collective interested in maximizing the impact of IT in education and administration.

“In my time on the ECNO board I have seen an evolution of the conversation from when we were a product-focused organization to now being service-focused. This has allowed for new and different topics and conversations. Not having our own product has led to more collaboration, connection, and community. The board feels there is now a good platform for us to open the gates for more leadership.”

Brian McKay, President, ECNO