The K-12 Cyber Awareness Month (CAM) campaign has been developed to help Ontario school boards promote safer and more secure practices across their school communities when using digital technologies and the internet by promoting best practices in cyber safety, cyber security, and online privacy in K-12.

The campaign is an adaptation of the internationally recognized October Cyber Security Awareness Month which is often mentioned in the media. ECNO, Ontario school boards and the Ministry of Education have developed this K-12 cyber awareness campaign for both English- and French-language school boards in Ontario.

We’re encouraging participants to be a Cyberhero! Defend against the bad guys – the phishers, scam artists, and all the supervillains who pose a threat to cyber security, safety and privacy.

Easy-to-use materials are available on this website so boards can use it as-is or tailor it to meet specific board internal cyber awareness needs. Participating educators can decide whether to direct their audience to this campaign webpage, or create their own internal board branded landing page with links to campaign resources provided here.

For a detailed overview, download this program guide.

Each week in October, the campaign will focus on a different theme related to cyber awareness. A full toolkit of messaging, resources, videos and graphics is provided for each week accessible on this website, as well as emailed each week to all Ontario boards.

Weekly Focus and Topics

WEEK 1: Social Media, Gaming and the Metaverse

WEEK 2: Cyber Scams and Phishing

WEEK 3: Cyber Hygiene

WEEK 4: Digital Wellness

2922 K-12 Cyber Awareness Month

6 Ways to Be a Cyberhero!

  • Use the internet and digital technology for good, spreading positivity and respect
  • Watch for and report questionable activities such as phishing and scams so others aren’t victims
  • Stand up for yourself and others when hurtful or inappropriate online behaviour is noticed
  • Keep personal or sensitive information to yourself, and be thoughtful about which information to share online and with whom
  • Be a cyber ally, helping the board’s IT and security team(s) thwart cyberattacks, being vigilant and doing your part to keep board systems and information safe and secure
  • Share and promote safe and secure cyber practices with friends and loved ones