Backup your Data

World Backup Day March 18, 2023

Decluttering and backing up your data

Our digital life is consumed with so many activities – like browsing, chatting online and posting photos and videos. With various accounts, apps and devices within reach, our actions leave a digital footprint that makes it easier to be tracked by cyber criminals – putting our personal data at risk.

Apart from having numerous accounts and apps, we also produce a lot of data on our devices. This can cause our devices to slow down and increase our risk of losing important files along the way. To ensure our data and devices are safe, it’s important to maintain a clean digital lifestyle. This can be done by decluttering our digital space and backing up our data.

Cleanup to-do list

Here are some tips to keep your digital lifestyle clean:

  • Remove applications that are not in use often
  • Delete your phone and browser history
  • Review your photos and videos, erase blurry, unnecessary and duplicates ones
  • Archive old emails
  • Unsubscribe from newsletter emails you don’t read

Backup data list

Prevent unnecessary data loss by doing the following:

  1. Review and sort your important files such as photos, videos, documents and emails routinely
  2. Save and backup your files regularly
  3. Consider backing up your data to an alternate location like an external hard drive or cloud storage

The importance of cleaning and backing up your data

  • Peace of mind: You don’t have to worry about your electronic devices failing if your files are saved in backup storage
  • Sufficient space: Removing unnecessary files and apps from your devices will give you more space
  • Secured data: Less apps and accounts means less opportunity to access your data without authorization
  • High performance devices: Cleaning up data on your device will improve its performance and increase the battery life
  • Less digital pollution: Unnecessary files and data are digital trash. Digital trash creates digital pollution that continues to consume energy. Removing digital trash helps decrease electricity use.


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