Be Kind Online

Bullying Prevention Week Nov 20th-26th

Cyber Safety Top Three Tips:

  • Treat others online as you would want to be treated
  • Stop and think before you post or send a message
  • Be fast to report


Cyberbullying is online bullying to intimidate, hurt or humiliate someone. It can be very harmful because there is no
safe zone. It can reach you anytime and anywhere, and can quickly be seen by a lot of people.

Cyberbullying examples:

  • Sending mean or threatening emails or text/instant messages
  • Sharing an embarrassing or sexual image of someone
  • Pretending to be someone by using their name
  • Spreading hurtful gossip, secrets, rumours or lies
  • Ganging up on someone in a video game

It can make you:

  • Feel alone, sad, scared, frustrated or angry
  • Feel badly about yourself, your friendships, and your life
  • Want to avoid school, activities or anywhere else people may know you

What can you do about it?

Be kind online:

  • Don’t send or post anything that might hurt someone else
  • Treat everyone you meet online with respect

Be safe online:

  • Protect your privacy: use privacy settings on social media and don’t share your personal information or passwords with anyone
  • Know who your friends are: be careful who you accept and restrict access for friends of friends and the public
  • Ask for help: if you made a mistake or are worried, feel threatened, or are being cyberbullied, talk to your parents or an adult you can trust

If you are being cyberbullied:

  • Don’t reply with nasty messages
  • Block or break off contact with the person
  • Talk to your parents or a safe adult, your school, the site or app, or the police to get help

If you see someone else being cyberbullied:

  • Do not like or share messages — it can make things worse
  • If you know the bully and feel that it is safe to do so, tell them that cyberbullying is not okay
  • Talk to an adult you can trust so they can help you deal with it


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