ECNO brand updates to reflect emerging priorities

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Sharp-eyed members will notice a few changes to the ECNO logo of late. In December, we updated our brand to best position the organization to tackle the goals of the new strategic plan, which will be launched to members in January 2023.

The strategic plan sets a bold path forward, and the brand must evolve accordingly: the former name no longer fully represents the scope of our work, and an increasing stable of services and products that will come on board requires a more deliberate look and positioning.

The updated logo swaps the lime green ‘E’ for a strong, confident navy blue – a colour that also passes accessibility guidelines for persons with visual impairments. Also new is the forward arrow in our ‘O’, reflecting our intent to guide our members and educators toward a strong and safe future (plus, we like that it resembles a cursor).

We’ve also changed our name just slightly. The well-known acronym – ECNO – remains, but our name is now the Education Collaborative Network of Ontario. The ‘C’ was formerly ‘Computing’ and it was agreed this narrows the scope of our work too much. From now on, the full name will be infrequently used, and in its place, we’ve introduced a new tagline: Technology Leadership for Ontario’s School Boards. Instead of our written name, we feel our tagline effectively captures our vision and mission (those full statements are to be revealed soon).

Finally, we’ve introduced a sub-branding strategy to bring more focus and marketing potential to the services and programs that ECNO members have grown to rely on. Initially our sub-brands – indicated by a small icon and program name alongside the main logo – will be for a few of our programs, but the strategy allows for growth as our work evolves. The sub-brands will begin to roll out in 2023.

As noted, this rebrand is a jump-start to an exciting set of strategic directions that will guide and strengthen our sector over the next three years. Watch for those details soon.