Digital Cleanup Day

Digital Cleanup Day

March 16, 2024

The Digital Cleanup Day (ex. Cyber World CleanUp Day) is a day of awareness on the environmental footprint of digital technology. The objective of CyberWCUD is to create the conditions for a global awareness of the environmental impact of digital technology by deploying a responsible, federative and convivial digital awareness action that allows us to concretely take the first step: on the one hand, by cleaning up our data and, on the other hand, by offering a second life to our digital equipment. Citizens, Companies, Associations, Schools, Communities, join the movement!

The Digital Cleanup Day (ex. Cyber World CleanUp Day) is an initiative of Kevin GUERIN launched in 2020 with the simple idea of allowing every user to take concrete action on his or her environmental footprint linked to digital technology by cleaning up their data!
The combination of the technical expertise of the Institute for Sustainable IT and the mobilisation capacity of World CleanUp Day France, gives a singular resonance to the operation allowing to raise awareness of the issues of Responsible Digital through action. Digital Cleanup Day (ex. Cyber World CleanUp Day) takes place on the 3rd Saturday of March every year.

The Cyber World CleanUp Day has become international and carried by Let’s Do It World Association under the name Digital Cleanup Day.

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