Sneak peek of Cyber Awareness Month 2024

The annual Cyber Awareness Month (CAM) campaign promotes safer and more secure online and digital technology practices across publicly funded schools in Ontario. Throughout the month of October, teachers, students and parents have access to a toolkit of resources covering best practices in cyber safety, cyber security and online privacy for K-12.

New for 2024 is the creation of a separate campaign for grades 9-12. You can see the work-in-progress right here: introducing Digital Me!

A GIF of the Digital Me logo transition between the words "Digital Me", "Digital You", "Digital Us", and "Digital Them" on a loop, changing colours with each variation.

Digital Me empowers youth to make the right decisions in regards to their digital identity and use of technology. It supports their efforts to take control of their digital knowledge and online presence.

What about Grades K-8? This year’s campaign will be a refreshing of our popular 2023 Cyber Heroes campaign – feel free to explore and utilize last year’s materials in your ongoing cyber awareness efforts.

Watch for more information coming soon.


In addition to its Cyber Awareness Month campaign, ECNO provides year-round information and support to encourage digital awareness including resources and monthly themed assets.


The K-12 Zone is also available year-round, providing videos, games, articles, quizzes and more in partnership with Ontario’s Cyber Security Division.