We love what we do, but nothing beats knowing how ECNO adds real value to real life classrooms across Ontario. Look what some of our member Boards have to say about our programs and services.

The ECNO team has helped our board be more efficient and effective in the use of our data/IT systems. After sharing some of the challenges our team was facing, ECNO provided us with solutions as well as identified areas of future improvement.

Lisa Walsh
Avon Maitland District School Board

ECNO is much more than helping school boards find technology savings. The entire organization is about valuing input, enhancing collaboration and leveraging expertise.

Jason Hillier
Avon Maitland District School Board

ECNO has allowed me the opportunity to address school board needs such as, professional development and training opportunities, new software products and security support opportunities.

Carolyn Glaser
Thames Valley District School Board

Supported by and focused on the needs of its members, ECNO is an IT leader that brings efficiencies and real savings to school boards across the province.

Jeff Pratt
Thames Valley District School Board