Cyber Awareness





Promoting Cyber awareness in October – and all year long

The K-12 Cyber Awareness Month (CAM) campaign is an annual event occurring in October with the goal of promoting safer and more secure online and digital technology practices across publicly funded schools in Ontario. The campaign includes multiple tailored resources covering best practices in cyber safety, cyber security, and online privacy for K-12.

This year’s K-12 CAM campaign theme is “Together we rise: Cyberheroes unite for online safety!” It is designed to empower K-12 sector with a mission to foster a generation of cyberheroes who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves and others in cyberspace. In today’s online world it is essential to learn online safety practices, such as creating strong passwords, identifying phishing attempts, and safeguarding personal information.

By instilling a sense of responsibility and unity, the campaign aims to create environments where young cyberheroes can confidently navigate the virtual landscape and stand up against cyber threats. Together, we rise to the challenge, creating a safer digital society, one cyberhero at a time.

Posters, games, video and social media content available

Easy-to-use materials are available for school boards, schools and classrooms to use as-is, or tailor them to meet specific internal cyber awareness needs. Participating school boards can decide whether to direct their school communities to this campaign webpage or create their own internal board branded landing page with links to the campaign resources provided here. Some may also choose to combine the resources of this campaign with resources from other campaigns such as the CSD K-12 Zone and Get Cyber Safe.

Each week in October, the campaign will focus on different topics related to cyber security, cyber safety and/or online privacy. A full toolkit for each week including messaging, resources, videos, games and graphics will be provided to all boards and can also be found on this website.

For a more detailed overview of the campaign, download this program guide.

Week 1 – Cyber Essentials

What’s on your cyberhero toolbelt? Get to know the basics of setting a safe and secure starting point for your digital identity and online participation as a first line of defence against potential online threats.

Week 2 – The Future is Here / Near

Have you heard of the rapid technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Are you using AI tools or considering them? Get to know the risks and considerations for safely using AI. Foster discussions amongst your peers and in your community for what are ethical and safe practices as AI and apps continue to evolve.

Week 3 – Navigating Connected Worlds

Social media and online gaming provide fun ways to stay connected and interact with friends and family. These online digital worlds are increasingly connected. Be aware of the risks and know how to navigate them safely and respectfully.

Week 4 – My Digital Life and Wellbeing

What makes up your digital life, digital identity, or digital footprint? Everyone needs to recognize that it is an extension of themselves in digital worlds. Learn about the risks and considerations. Taking care of your digital footprint and personal wellbeing are both essential. Learn to set boundaries in the use of digital technology and the internet.

Week 5 – Revisiting Key Themes

An additional opportunity during the week of October 30th to encourage awareness and conversations to promote vigilance in our quest for safe and responsible online habits.  

The Cyber Awareness Calendar

The Cyber Awareness calendar is a terrific year-round resource, with monthly themes and corresponding Info sheets that are a perfect classroom companion.